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My first pay day !!

Tomorrow marks my first pay direct from the council. For the last three weeks I have been living on a low amount of money due to not being paid till tomorrow after my change to full time employment. However I wasn’t sure what my yearly salary would equate to monthly especially after tax and stuff has been deduced. After some searching on Google I found The Salary Calculator.

I am having to resist temptation to go out on a shopping spree.


YLUG Install fest

This weekend I am in York to help with the YLUG install day/fest. For the last couple of years I have been coming up to help so this makes my third time.

We will be helping new linux users to install ubuntu (I know, not my choice !) and solve any problems they may be having.

This year I have been given permission to try and pimp out mandriva to others. I have for this reason brought along various mandriva CDs and DVDs.