Choosing a mobile network to go with.

For the last 7 or so years I have had a mobile phone from Orange on Pay As You Go, recently their service especially where text and MMS messages are concerned, them not arriving at destination, not arriving very quickly (upto 2 days in some cases) has been lacking. I also find myself using more and more money as my rate of text’ing and use of mobile internet (which is pathetic on my current phone) increases, most of which will get caught by inclusive minutes and so forth in a contract. I have therefore decided that I will change network and get a fancy new phone at the same time, while hopefully decreasing my monthly costs.

The phone I am currently looking at purchasing with my contract is the LG “Viewty”. It has a very good camera on it (far better than my compact) and I am always wanting to take pictures when I don’t have my compact camera with me, and have to suffer the 1MP of my current phone. It also has music support, video support and a decent browser which works similar to the version of Safari that the iPhone has. The only thing lacking is a direct way of uploading to Flickr like the Nokia N series does but this is no hardship as I can just use the mobile version of the Flickr site.

Next I need to decide on a network and price plan. I would say I am a medium user but that unlimited (or what they might call unlimited) data would be useful.

Orange don’t offer the phone on any package under £40 (that I can see), and only provide a option for 30meg unmetered data access with a AUP, besides the reason I am changing is that their service has become poor.

Next is T-Mobile which seem more reasonable on prices. To get the phone free I would have to sign up to their £30 package which includes £180 worth of calls and texts in a month. Plenty as I doubt, I would make that many calls and texts in a month. To add free data I would have to pay £7.50 extra in a month which gives me a 1gig limit with a AUP. This makes it a package in contention.

Next is O2 who recently won the contract to provide the Apple iPhone to the UK market. First look at their tarrif listings shows a higher price bracket than I would have liked, the basic package to get the phone free is £35 which gives 1000 texts / 600 mins inclusive. I then need to add a package onto that for £7.50 that adds 200mb of data. This makes £42.50 a month which is too much for me.

Last is Three of which I have heard mixed reviews of. Their prices seem far more realistic if lacking in inclusive text and and voice. The basic package is £18 for 50 inclusive texts or minutes but I am forced to add £9 a month onto this for phone and 90 minutes video call (which I would never use) making it £27, adding in an extra £5 for 1gig data. Making it £32.00 another in the running.

The package from Three interests me and not just because it is the cheapest. I know of no-one who are on the Three network and have only seen mixed reviews of them on the net. Over to you (my limited readership), have you used three ? how have you found them ? reliable ? fast ? Any info would be appreciated.

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