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For the last week I have been without my xbox 360 to play on, because of this I found myself not having gaming to fall back onto when I am bored.

While I could do something like coding the gatekeepers website (which has laid dormant development wise for too long) or paint some wargaming miniatures I find myself doing nothing but watching TV which I have no interest in.

I have thus decided that starting from when I get home from work tomorrow I am going to throw myself back into things. I will have a new site done to try and pimp me out, I will finish the gatekeepers site and I will decide on a direction to take with life outside of work.


New Laptop

Recently I have been having issues with my trusty Thinkpad T40, if I press a bit too hard to the left of the the touch pad I get horrible graphics artifacts. These are easy to sort most of the time but are a PITA.

While not wholly needed I have ordered myself a new laptop. I went with a Lenovo 3000 series andmanaged to find one with linux pre-installed from The distro that is loaded onto it is Ubuntu 8.04, I will either stick to this or install Mandriva onto it, or perhaps even dual boot.