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A Weekend of Wargaming

This past weekend I have been taking part in the annual Cardiff Carnage wargaming tournament organised by The Viet Taff. While I had 5 good games I managed to lose all of them to certain extents. Continue reading

Getting back into web development and design.

Recently I have decided to get back into both web development and web design. This time I am going to learn all the tricks of the trade design wise as this was always my weak point. As part of this drive I have agreed to develop a site for my mother enameling so that she can show off her work and eventually sell some of it from the net.

To achieve this I am currently relearning all the CSS and xhtml I will need, after that I am going to learn javascript which I have never had more than a basic understanding of. I am also goign to get some books on basic visual design for the web.

I have also decided its time to crank up my online prescence. This blog is going to move to but still be hosted by by setting it up through them, save the hassle of sorting out themes and so forth on my server. I will also be doing something with, no idea what yet but I’ll do something.

Updated to fix typo.

Odd Mr T Advert

I don’t know what Hitachi’s ad guys were thinking. This is just weird.

Mr. T: The “T” in I.T.
Source: Topless Robot