A Weekend of Wargaming

This past weekend I have been taking part in the annual Cardiff Carnage wargaming tournament organised by The Viet Taff. While I had 5 good games I managed to lose all of them to certain extents.I was using a army designed by someone else to test to see if it is the gamer or the army, partly as a experiment but more to do with the fact I didnt have a army that I wanted to use. It seems it may well be the player rather than the army. I am however not going to let this deter me and I will carry on trying to get a winning streak.

My next plan is to change to a different gaming system and I have decided on doing Warhammer 40,000 using a Space Marine army. I have most of the models already so it will be cheap to collect but will still need painting.  Currently it is thought that the gatekeepers tournament in November will allow special characters so I am going to design it with Marneus Calgar as the main HQ choice, this allows most units can choose to fail or pass moral checks at will, which will allow a few tactical options. I am unsure of the whole army yet and am working hard on working out a few possibilities.

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