Ubuntu isn’t the only linux.

It may come as a big surprise to those of you that dont know anything about linux and have heard of this thing called Ubuntu but there are other linux varients out there.

Recently Ubuntu has had a new release which has managed to wrangle its way into the mainstream media with mentions on BBC news, admittedly in a piece about Windows 7. This has got me thinking about how Linux distributions could do better with publicising themselves, Linux is only known of in a general manner and none of its benefits have been pushed and they should always in my view be mentioned in articles about Microsofts latest and greatest. I think that distributions could do a better job by following at least some of these ideas.

  • Publicity. New releases should be advertised on sites where even beginner computer users will find it, we often look far too insular for our users.
  • Keep to release dates. This one is of particular annoyance to me as a Mandriva user. If you have set a date for release for heavens sake release on that date.
  • Issue press releases. While this would probably fall in with the publicity idea, I see this as a separate step. Your current users should know about your releases, the information should come to them, not the other way around

So what are your thoughts ? What can Linux distributions do better to attract a bigger audience ?


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