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Retro cartoons.

Recently I have been watching some new DVDs. They are of the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon I remember growing up watching on saturday mornings when they were on Live and Kicking. I remember it being great and it still is. As seen in alot of cartoons you can notice the same animation appearing in multiuple places in the series, as a kid I probably didnt notice this but now I do. Especially after seeing the same footage of Spider-man falling onto a shop awning about 25 times in as many episodes.

The cartoon follows the storyline of the comics much better than the films do and so venom who is my favourite comic character of all time doesnt make him go emo.

This post was a bit random, I started it the other week and decided to finish it despite it basicly just being filler. Look out for decent content filled posts soon.


Cat Licking Lips

Cat Licking Lips, originally uploaded by Martlev.

The other day I received a new camera which I had ordered earlier in the week. So far I am loving it, but haven’t used it a whole lot. This shot is the first I have been pleased with.