New Laptop

Recently I have been having issues with my trusty Thinkpad T40, if I press a bit too hard to the left of the the touch pad I get horrible graphics artifacts. These are easy to sort most of the time but are a PITA.

While not wholly needed I have ordered myself a new laptop. I went with a Lenovo 3000 series andmanaged to find one with linux pre-installed from The distro that is loaded onto it is Ubuntu 8.04, I will either stick to this or install Mandriva onto it, or perhaps even dual boot.


Cat Licking Lips

Cat Licking Lips, originally uploaded by Martlev.

The other day I received a new camera which I had ordered earlier in the week. So far I am loving it, but haven’t used it a whole lot. This shot is the first I have been pleased with.

Getting to know xhtml and css again !

Last night I decided that I would learn how to create web pages again as it has been a long time since I did anything major with it all so I have forgotten half the stuff I need to know to make good accessible sites. Continue reading

Choosing a mobile network to go with.

For the last 7 or so years I have had a mobile phone from Orange on Pay As You Go, recently their service especially where text and MMS messages are concerned, them not arriving at destination, not arriving very quickly (upto 2 days in some cases) has been lacking. I also find myself using more and more money as my rate of text’ing and use of mobile internet (which is pathetic on my current phone) increases, most of which will get caught by inclusive minutes and so forth in a contract. I have therefore decided that I will change network and get a fancy new phone at the same time, while hopefully decreasing my monthly costs.

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My first pay day !!

Tomorrow marks my first pay direct from the council. For the last three weeks I have been living on a low amount of money due to not being paid till tomorrow after my change to full time employment. However I wasn’t sure what my yearly salary would equate to monthly especially after tax and stuff has been deduced. After some searching on Google I found The Salary Calculator.

I am having to resist temptation to go out on a shopping spree.

YLUG Install fest

This weekend I am in York to help with the YLUG install day/fest. For the last couple of years I have been coming up to help so this makes my third time.

We will be helping new linux users to install ubuntu (I know, not my choice !) and solve any problems they may be having.

This year I have been given permission to try and pimp out mandriva to others. I have for this reason brought along various mandriva CDs and DVDs.

My new blog.

So here we are, a new blog for me. I have decided to start afresh as my computing life seems to be starting afresh too. In the last few days I have found myself sitting at a screen of code and helping more people out on IRC.

“So what am I working on ?” some of you may ask, well I am working on the new site for my local wargaming club (of which I have been re-elected to the post of gamers rep on its committee). This will most likely look near enough the same that it is now but with a new logo and some better organisation. I have also been doing some things behind the scenes with the forums updating them and the like.

I am soon to be taken on by Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council, which will mean that I am taken off the agency and will gain a contract with them directly. This will bring with it a pay rise but more importantly security.